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WASTED is a neighborhood Laboratory for small-scale plastic waste reprocessing. A what? Let’s just say we turn trash into treasure – working with community, for community.

Explore our website to learn more, like how plastic waste becomes local currency with our Reward System, how we reprocess WASTED Blocks in hands-on workshops, and find out how you can get WASTED with us!

Getting WASTED together, we make Amsterdam Noord and the world a better place.

A local project, WASTED’s vision is bigger. Our Education Package and Workshops are open to all, and we encourage you to Build Your Own Laboratory using our open source documents.

Let’s spread localized, circular-modeled sustainable design to more neighborhoods around the world!

WASTED Neighbors

What is a WASTED without Neighbors? Nothing! Neighbors are the local residents participating in WASTED, giving us their plastic and earning and spending rewards to co-generate local benefits.

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Reward System

Ever realize how much plastic you use and waste everyday? Need a little extra incentive to start recycling it? Leave it to the WASTED Reward System.

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Current Rewards

Recycled enough plastic to earn WASTED Coins yet? Time to spend them on deals and discounts at local shops!

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WASTED Friends

WASTED Friends are very special businesses and cultural organizations in Amsterdam Noord. What makes them so special? They’re leaders in sustainable business practices, giving back to their community while at it. How? They get WASTED.

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Education Package

Get WASTED with us in the Laboratory and become a plastic expert! How? With our Education Package. This three-part lesson plan will teach you about Plastic Addiction, Plastic Archeology, and show you first-hand and hands-on how to reprocess locally collected plastic waste.

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WASTED Workshops will teach you first-hand and hands-on how to take everyday plastic waste and reprocess into an all-new building Block.

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Build Your Own Lab

Our vision is global. We hope WASTED can achieve the same goals in other neighborhoods around the world.

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WASTED in Numbers

See how much plastic we’ve collected in kilograms, how many bags that equals, and how many Blocks can be built.

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Where We Are

Where can you sign-up? Where can you bring your plastic? Where are Workshops? Where can you spend your WASTED Coins? Find out here!

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